Organizing Kids Toys at Home

From Baptism days, birthdays, Christmas, or any special day, there are definitely various occasions that would warrant giving kids toys to children. Since kids grow up fast and change toy preferences easily, a lot of parents find it frustrating to keep all those kids toys without having to resort to throwing out some. Moreover, there’s also the constant struggle to teach kids to pick up their toys after playtime. Before you become too frustrated with trying to keep your house free of clutter, here are some handy tips you can follow to help you efficiently organize your children’s stuff.

The first step is typically the hardest – examining each and every toy available. The goal here is to determine which toys are usually used by the kids so you can separate the frequently used ones (and store the others that aren’t). Apart from being a keen observer during your child’s playtime, it will help a lot if you talk to your kids. Ask them about their favorite toys and let them determine stuff that they’re willing to let go or give away. Aside from being able to minimize the clutter, this can also be an exercise to teach the kids about the value of giving toys to others, as well as weighing which ones are more important and valuable.

Aside from giving out to charitable institutions, you can also opt to give the toys to other children that are younger than your child. You can ask your kids to trade seldom-used toys with their playmates, or organize a garage sale with the help of the kids.

When it comes to storing stuff, on the other hand, you need to remember that kids generally use the whole house during playtime. This is why it’s ideal to organize storage spaces in each room for easy access. For bedrooms, for instance, you can allocate a closet that will be easily accessible to your children. This is to allow them to get and keep their toys without having to ask for help every time. Apart from utilizing low-level cabinets, you can also keep toys in boxes and bins you can put under the bed.

While the kids’ bedroom/quarters should be your main storage for keeping children’s stuff, you can also keep some in the family room and the bathroom. However, make sure to minimize the clutter as much as possible. In bathrooms, for instance, designate a bucket that will be used mainly for storing toys your kids use during bath time. As for the family room, you can also keep some toys in a cabinet or invest in an affordable toy bin you can easily hide in the room.

No matter how you intend to store your children’s stuff, make it a point to ask for your kids’ participation during the activity as this can also help them learn to pick up their toys and be more organized with their things.


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